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There is an obsession in hollywood and just about all fiction, with the hero’s journey. Our hero is a typical average joe. A call to action arises to pull them on an adventure. They typically reject the idea, until some mentor or occurrence pushes them into doing it anyways. They enter another world, where they face enemies, find allies, and develop new abilities. Eventually they reach the climax of the enemy base, with their new abilities and allies, they take down the big bad enemy and eventually are reborn back into their regular life, where everything is the same, but oh so different at the same time. They return to their regular life with all their new abilities and experiences under their belts. The Matrix, Star Wars, even the likes of recent children’s movies like Zootopia or Kung Fu Panda 3 follow this same basic system.

We can go through a slew of hero’s journeys ourselves, it can be in a mission to find a new home, spending a week in a meditation retreat, or exploring some new spiritual system. You leave your regular life temporarily for another world, where you must accomplish something before you can return. Once you come back, something in your experience has changed.

Through the powerful teachings of inner game life coach Shae Matthews, I was introduced to another journey, one that can be more powerful, and my interpretation puts it at a journey of creation.

It’s possible much of our experience is decided by people or situations outside of us. Where we grew up, the religion we follow, the career path that may or may not have been influenced by our parents, what our siblings did, what those around us are doing, the things that are socially and culturally acceptable. At the end of the day, it appears a very small portion of our experience is actively and consciously chosen.

This makes life a lot easier, when we can allow our culture, society, religion, siblings, parents, or anyone or anything else to decide our way of life for us, it gives away our responsibility.

This problem I keep having, it’s in God’s plan, I have to live with it.

I really wanted to be a veterinarian and help animals, but my whole family are musicians, so I had no choice.

All my friends are married and keep posting pictures of their babies while I’m sitting here single, I’ve shamefully fallen behind everyone else.

The King’s Journey is terrifying, because a sole person becomes responsible for any and all of your failures, you. On the other side of the coin, there is a limitless beauty in the power of creation. It was my fear of not living life according to all of those around me and their expectations that knocked me into awareness, planting a seed that reached a new level of flourishing once I heard the idea of the King’s Journey.

Of course it’s important to remain grounded in reality, we do still live in the real world, laws exist for a reason. To go on this journey is not to do whatever you want without limit, but your ability to create the reality you want is within your birthright.

So what does this mean? It means you get to decide. Decide what? Practically everything. The career path you want to take. The spiritual or religious ideas you want to follow. The types of relationships you want to have, the way you meet potential partners, at what age you move into different phases of dating, marriage, children, etc, if you choose to move through those phases at all.

You will find that people will judge you. Secretly everyone wishes they could create the life of their dreams, but they have either given up, or simply don’t believe it can be done. It will be easier to bring you down for doing what it is that feels right to you, then for them to put in the effort to challenge their existing realities. It is terrifying for someone who sees you pursue your dreams, to consider that they too may be able to take responsibility for their own life. Better to ridicule you for it.

Thankfully as a King you don’t worry so much about that. You’re too busy creating the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. It is filled with the friends that inspire you to keep moving forward. With the relationships that help you develop from the place you’re at right now. It involves a job you’re passionate about performing at. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, or what effort is involved. Only that you’re moving towards it. One day at a time, enjoying the journey at every step.

Whether it takes a few years, or a few decades to get everything you’ve always wanted, it beats awakening into consciousness at 85 on your death bed, wondering why you gave in to what everyone else was doing, and never did anything for yourself.


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