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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

What if it was a lot easier to change something about yourself then you ever imagined? What if all the effort came from your perspective, and your imaginary fears? Are you tired of never getting better at something because you’re afraid to even start, because you’re no good at it?

It’s time to break the habit, starting with the habit of believing whatever it is, is so hard. If someone else is doing it, then it’s doable. Within reason, of course. Perhaps drop your NBA dreams if you’re 5 foot 2, but for the things where there isn’t a physical limitation, don’t put so much value on how hard it was for someone to accomplish it. You won’t do a good job from spending the whole time before the starting line.

So now that you realize that you’re creating imaginary difficulty, let’s look at how you overcome anything.

  1. Notice when you’re doing the thing you don’t want to do
  2. Do something different
  3. Repeat until you’re doing something you’d rather be doing

Phew, maybe it’s time to take a break.

Let’s take meeting a new stranger, for business or for love.

  1. Notice you’re creating all kinds of imaginary anxiety, as if people meeting isn’t a simple thing built into our DNA. Realize it’s actually no effort at all to say Hi to someone.
  2. Go and say Hi
  3. Say Hi to enough people, until the imaginary anxiety is seen for what it is, imaginary.

If you’ve been spending your whole life deciding things are difficult or out of reach, evaluate how much that’s helped you. See how different the process of overcoming the obstacle is, when you break it down and see it for what it really is, effortless.

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