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“If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.” – No one actually knows. 

I’m certain most people have heard this idea or a similar one at some point in their lives, so let’s jump right into why it’s of benefit instead.

Do you know that person who seems to get swept up by every passing tide? Perhaps you see some of it in yourself. (I certainly have) They may be talking about the wiki-leaks one day, oil spills the next, government corruption another day, their big business idea, how they could never do 9 to 5 life because they’ve read the four hour work week. This is a person who gets pulled along for each ebb and flow of the passing tides.

On the surface it may seem like a good thing. Look at this person who really cares about themselves and the world! Wow, look at all this stuff they know a lot about! Of course, the events of our world, and the direction of our lives are all very important subjects, but once you take a step back and look at a person like the one mentioned above objectively, the illusion vanishes.

Tyler Durden: Oh, I get it. It’s very clever.
Narrator: Thank you.
Tyler Durden: How’s that working out for you?
Narrator: What?
Tyler Durden: Being clever.
Narrator: … Great.
Tyler Durden: Keep it up, then. Right up.

Here’s a fun thought experiment, if you saw “no one actually knows” in the quote and said “no, you’re wrong, someone knows, I’m going to spend the next 45 minutes of life researching this quote” – you might be more susceptible to the ebbs and flows of things that don’t matter, then you might suspect!

Unfortunately for this week’s problem, while awareness is still a big piece, the solution comes more slowly. Instead, all I’d like you to do is consider where your attention goes. Do you try to show everyone how clever you are with all the secret conspiracy theories going on in the world? I’m looking at you flat earthers! Are you pulled in every imaginable direction with each time a video game, movie, or TV show comes out?

Allow me to leave a special mention for the one that effected me the most, and I find may be far more common then I’d like to believe. Spirituality systems. While there are beautiful things about chakras, yoga, meditation, tapping, reiki, duality, oneness, etc. There is certainly a benefit to dipping your toes in lots of systems to see what may resonate with you, at least early on. Yet, if after a time you’re still going half way into each one, you’re still standing for nothing. You don’t need to prove or disprove the level of determinism in the universe, or connect your soul to universal oneness to have a generally good time in life.

You may be thinking “Nope! You’re wrong! Wikileaks / government corruption / entrepreneurship / yoga / determinism are really important to me and the world!”. Wonderful! You get it then! You stand for something. None of the things above are wrong in themselves (except maybe flat earthers), but it’s your divided attention that makes you suffer.

I’d like to leave you simply with, how many things do you care about, and how many things do you really care about?

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