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Have you ever found that while you’re dealing with a really inspiring person, you feel inspired yourself? As if you become completely absorbed in their reality and you can genuinely feel everything they’re saying is legitimate and potentially even life changing? Do you then find that the next day, or even a few days later, that the illusion has vanished and you only wish you could grasp onto that state again? How wonderful it would be to feel that way again!

The Hero Experiment

I want you to picture a character you feel empowered by in a movie, book, TV show, video game or even a person you’re incredibly inspired by in the real world if you so choose. Someone who makes you go “Wow, if I could only be like that person, I wouldn’t have any of my current problems!”. I want you to picture them in your mind, and really perceive yourself as them, feel free to close your eyes for a moment and really stew in this image.

Now wipe the image from your mind, feel free to focus on some boring old object nearby to break the illusion. Feel what it’s like to be normal you.

Where is your Internal Hero?

Here is a curious thought. It may sound like a bit of an odd question, but I encourage you to really give it some thought with an open mind. Where does this feeling from the above experiment come from?

Where does that feeling come from when you’re listening to a motivational speech, watching a movie with a bad-ass hero or heroine, or thinking about a person who inspires you?

A Heroic Example

If you’re wanting to do anything from start a business to get an amazing romantic partner, chances are you’ve met someone who has what you want. What does it feel like to be in their presence?  Do you ever feel like you can sense what it’s like to be them? Does a part of you feel like it already has the same thing as them, that moments ago before thinking about them, you felt you were lacking?

Okay, okay, what are you really getting at?

This all comes from a place, and that place is entirely independent of any external factors. Everyone and their cat will tell you that being present is important, but most people will spend the majority of their lives either avoiding pain through distraction, or attempting to re-live pleasant moments or re-capture states of flow or enlightenment.

Basically, in the same way that you make yourself inspired when thinking about your favorite super hero, and imagine what it would be like to be like them, you are doing the same thing with fears and insecurities. You are determining temporary states to put yourself in. As long as you operate from borrowed concepts like these, whether positive or negative, you will always live in scarcity due to operating from passing states of mind.

Mind Alchemist

When you operate from the place where you see yourself as the alchemist of your own states of mind, you become spontaneously free. You’re no longer using your superpower haphazardly. You no longer rely on motivational speeches on YouTube or reading a shelf full of self-help books to make you feel good, because you realize the only reason those external things can make you feel that way, is because you have the ability to make yourself feel that way.

Use this power you’ve forgotten or didn’t notice you had, and see how much easier life becomes.

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