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At times, I just scribble out thoughts on paper or in a digital note, I figured some people may be curious to see what it’s like to see a totally unedited flood of my thoughts, so here is the first segment of this new section called “In My Head.

  • The obstacle is the way. Once you’re on the path, the universe will test your skills to determine your resolve. Taking action is the only requirement, success may come at any moment.
  • Worthiness is the ability to exist. Worthiness cannot exist in comparison to others or in reference to others, as those are all changing. Worthiness comes in the realization that you are the observer of all, and nothing changing can be tied to worthiness.
  • In the kindness towards others, you can remember our oneness. To smile and love and feel at peace in the world is to be one with the world at a very fundamental level.
  • All feelings of upset, frustration, anger, impatience and greed, arise as an opportunity from the universe to release that which is being suppressed, in order to return to the feeling of oneness. Become excited at a frustrating emotion and chase it to its root to be able to yank it out. This fuels the love of the universe and allows for your growth as well as those around you, as you are all one.
  • There is nothing to do, nowhere to be, nothing to accomplish, no legacy or imprint to leave behind. There is only taking the steps towards where your heart drives you, and allowing the journey to take its course. To understand that the universe is on your side and truly will conspire to help you out. Don’t forget this simply because the lesson of the moment is difficult or seems hopeless, as this is a part of the journey too. A most valuable part. For the thing easily obtained is easily ignored and forgotten. Let go and allow. Fully experience as the observer. Always remember the universe is on your side.
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