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“It’s nothing! “And this and…”, it’s nothing! “But this thing…”, it’s nothing! “But last night an angel…”, nothing. “Yesterday I almost died!”, nothing. “I had an experience, it was so…” nothing. “I want to be free!” Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.” – Mooji

The world is filled with nothing, but don’t trust those nihilists, this is a nothing that matters. Because, nothing matters. In part 2 of the series of “End game concepts”, comes, literally, nothing.

Let’s look at a popular idea, self-worth. You imagine it’s something that can be given and taken. Something that you have more or less of compared to your partner, compared to your competition. At work, in relationships, everywhere. Except that’s wrong. Worth isn’t a resource, it can’t be given or traded. It doesn’t activate when it’s validated or confirmed. It won’t start existing no matter what you do, or what anyone else says or does. Worth is a nothing. If it’s not something you can measure or compare, it doesn’t exist, it really, truly is, nothing.

Oh no, what if self-worth was truly not a thing? Could it be that you might live or behave differently? Why not try it out? There is a bigger problem now though, isn’t there? What if other things, aren’t a thing, and are instead, nothing?

Next comes, more nothing. Fear is a lovely kind of nothing. It’s the nothing that is trickiest, because it appears to be everywhere and in everything. Now there are very real fears, bullets for instance, are certainly something to be scared of. Stepping in front of moving traffic too, certainly a valid fear. Most other fears, are a lot less scary. In fact, facing a fear, has the potential to get you something. You may face it, and get nothing, but if you do not face it, you’re guaranteed to get nothing. Thankfully most fears, you’ve also made up. They are also nothing. Think of the last thing you were afraid of doing, but that you ended up doing anyways, how did it feel once you did it? Did you notice how 100% of the fear was entirely made up? Did you realize that, when you decided to ignore the fear, it was… nothing?

The last bit of nothing, is also the strongest. This is the spiritual practice I’ve found to work best. It’s a true return, to nothing. On the same wavelength as profound indifference, the spiritual practice of nothingness is the path to discovering who you really are. When you find out, nothing is actually as real as you thought it was. The need to listen to your parents, the need to follow the career path your on just because you went to school for it, the need to be married by 30. They were all decided by no one, and actually mean nothing.

My practice of spirituality is to wipe away all the nothings, and see if something is left, but I feel there will just be more nothing. How pleasant is that? Nothing to do, nothing to be, nothing to accomplish. Infinite possibility. In this space inside of you, that was once filled by the biases of your family, your culture, your education, once you’ve broken down all those walls, you truly are left with nothing. A beautiful nothing where anything can happen. Where you can truly see yourself and the world, in its full beauty. Where anything you want can be manifested, and you’ll still continue to be who you really are, nothing.

End game concepts are difficult and also, powerfully simple. They can be integrated the moment they are read, or they can be worked towards over time. Don’t believe either option is true, because, well, nothing is really true. Try it out for yourself, question your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions, your habits, and find what’s left when you wipe away all the things that are actually, nothing.



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